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Services We Offer

We offer integrated 2D and 3D animation capabilities that translate complex design ideas into dynamic and engaging motion graphics. From photorealistic rendering to product showreels and detailed assembly guides, we have experience in creating high-quality animated content that captures attention and compels audiences.

CGI and Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic renders are a fantastic way of quickly generating lifelike 3D imagery of a product before it’s manufactured. It’s often used to facilitate stakeholder buy-in on crowdfunding platforms or populate marketing material such as pitch decks.

Here at Step2 Design, we understand how critical high-quality CGI content is to the success of your project. We have years of experience with many different rendering packages including: Maya, Keyshot, Vray, Thea, Solidworks Visualize & Twinmotion, and are adept in creating photorealistic 3D renders across a wide range of design disciplines:

  • Architectural (arch viz)
  • Photorealistic product imagery
  • Exhibition and events
  • Product catalogues
  • Pitch deck/marketing material
  • Social media imagery

Interactive 3D Models

Interactive 3D models are an effective way for brands to enable direct customer engagement with a digital representation of a physical product. Step2 Design harnesses leading web-based platforms such as SketchFab to publish realistic and responsive 3D models that are optimised for speed and user engagement.

Intuitive controls are embedded as standard and include predefined animated sequences, customisable views, and “product explode” functions that help facilitate self-guided exploration. End users can interrogate the model from all angles, visualise multiple colour configurations or peel back layers to reveal internal components that are not visible otherwise.

Our interactive 3D models are lightweight and cross-browser compatible (without the need for plug-ins) and can be used to educate buyers, highlight complex configurations, and drive customised sales experiences. Enhance your website today with an integrated, interactive 3D model expertly crafted by Step2 Design.

Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos are a great way of engaging audiences with complex or hard-to-digest information through the accessible medium of visual storytelling. Well-designed animations and explainer videos promote an intuitive understanding of products and systems with minimal effort required from the end-user. From overview animations (highlighting unique selling points), to product usage and step-by-step assembly and maintenance guides, Step2 Design have years of experience in delivering product explainer videos to a diverse and wide range of audiences.

Whether you have a loosely defined idea or a fully realised storyboard and design brief, we are well-equipped to bring your idea to life. We have experience animating in a variety of different design styles: from cell-shaded cartoon to photorealistic 3D rendering, and regularly integrate post-production techniques such as VFX, animated text and other key graphical elements to maximise the impact of our explainer videos on their target demographic.

Product Showreels

The rise of social media has had a massive impact on how we market, share and digest new products. It is essential to create content that is short, snappy, and quickly grabs the attention of your audience. As part of our animation service, we can generate a compilation of product animation videos into a dynamic and engaging showreel that can be used to show off your product on social media. Whether it’s a 5 second reel, abstract teaser trailer or a full-length animated feature detailing your product in all its glory, our showreels are sure to excite your audience and drive cross-platform engagement.

Providing end-to-end creative support, Step2 Design are experienced in generating high-quality showreel content that adheres closely to both brand guidelines and overarching design visions. We understand the technicalities behind video production, and ensure each showreel’s format, resolution and compression codec are all optimised to best suit their intended application.

Working with Step2 Design on our product animation videos was a very positive experience. From the start, Patrick was truly committed to grasping our unique needs. The close and personal approach ensured a smooth workflow throughout the project. Deliverables consistently met our deadlines and standards. Overall, this company comes highly recommended for anyone in need of professional animation services.
Clara Mas / Marketing Tempack Manager


3D Product Animation FAQ

We understand that quality and speed of delivery are key to our clients, but when producing photorealistic product animations, the time taken to produce content can vary significantly. Typically, we are able to produce 3D animations within a month of receiving a brief, however, for more complex projects it can take up to 10 weeks. Factoring in the style of the video, length and software you require it to be formatted in, we always aim to produce content with as fast a turnaround as possible. Product animation services are complex, but can be made simpler when you have high quality CAD designs. That’s why, when using animation and 3D rendering as part of our wider product and retail services, we guarantee the best possible visualisation of your designs.
Costs are impacted by the complexity and length of the video, and whether 3D and 2D assists need to be created in-house first. Therefore, we would suggest always speaking to one of our design experts to get an accurate costing before you invest your time and resources into a project. At Step2 Design, we help our clients to get the lowest possible production cost, by working with you to create clear briefs and storyboards. If you’re looking for low-cost animation services, we can also give advice on how to get the best value possible by stripping back the ‘bells and whistles’ of a video, whilst retaining the critical visual elements.
At Step2 Design, we have produced a wide range of animation styles for clients, from photorealistic product animations to engaging and stylised visuals that explain how a given mechanism works. We can even create first-person animations, enabling you to feel as if you’re actually walking through your dream shop! We believe the power of innovative and creative animations can immerse the end user in the product development process, engaging and bringing life to our client’s ideas. Whether you want to create photorealistic renderings or more stylised cartoon animations, our experts are here to help guide you every step of the way.
The length of a video depends entirely on its intended use-case. For explainer videos, we suggest visual content of between 60 and 90 seconds long as research indicates that this is the best length of time to capture your audience’s attention whilst explaining all the information you need. Short form video content or animated product renderings that are around 10 seconds are perfect for social media platforms.

If you’re looking to create content for your website that educates your customers, we recommend creating product videos that are around 20 to 30 seconds long, to ensure you convey all the key details whilst retaining maximum end-user attention. At Step2 Design, we will never push you to produce content you don’t need, so you can be assured that you’ll receive the best possible product at the best possible price. Whether you’re completely new to the product or retail design process or are seasoned industry expert, drop us a message to see how we can help you!
At Step2 Design, we are renowned for our flexibility and will adapt our design process to suit each of our clients and their project-specific requirements. We are happy for you to take a hands-on approach in the design development process or sit back and let us handle the creative. We have over 50 years of experience producing outstanding results for our clients and love thinking outside the box when it comes to product animation. It can be helpful, however, if you have a strong vision of what you’d like to achieve when it comes to creating 3D visualisations. Whatever the scenario, we can guide you through the entire process and help you produce engaging visual content that captures the essence of your brand.
We design our animations to be used on a wide range of media platforms. From POS displays to websites and social media, we have experience exporting for a wide variety of different use cases. For 3D rendered files, we normally export both JPEG and PNG files (with alpha channel) to allow for images with backgrounds to be removed. Our animated videos are typically exported in ultra-high definition uncompressed .AVI or high-quality compressed .MP4, but we are able to export to a range of other filetypes and compression codecs if required.

If you are looking to create a photorealistic product animation, or rendered visualisation of your ideas, our design team would be happy to walk you through the process and answer any of your concerns.
We understand it can be difficult to know what you need to provide to create the best projects possible. As with all the services we provide, we always prefer to have an introductory chat to get to know you and your project-specific requirements. You might only have an idea of the type or style of animation you want created, but it’s our job as experts to help provide you the clarity you need to create a storyboard and outline a detailed project brief.

We provide you guidance on what is needed, so you leave our kick-off meeting with a clear design direction in mind. Whether you have premade content assets that you want us to turn into an animated video or have an idea you want us to convert into a technical CAD design first, our dedicated team of animation design experts will streamline the process and help you fulfil each of your project goals.
At Step2 Design, we work with only the best and most advanced animation software available. We believe investing in quality platforms is critical to producing exceptional content for our clients. To create photorealistic animations, we incorporate a wide variety of software into our creative design pipeline. If creating rendered content, we might use Keyshot, Thea or Visualize whilst animated video content is normally generated using Maya. However, we will adjust our design process to best suit each client and their specific requirements, and only after discussing the project at length.

As experts in this process, we are here to do the heavy lifting. You will have a dedicated point of contact who manages the project and supports you throughout the process. If you have any special requests, we are more than happy to accommodate them and will work with you to create a memorable piece of content that correctly reflects your vision and brand.
Creating digital content for your designs is one of the best ways to engage your audience in a fun and creative way. Explainer videos can really showcase the quality of your product whilst educating users on any relevant construction or assembly techniques.

With the growth of short-form content, animated renderings are more impactful than ever at grabbing the attention of your consumers and telling your brand’s story. If you’re looking to grow your brand’s visibility, detailed product renderings can be a great way to showcase your product in a range of settings and environments, helping to boost your product’s visibility amongst new audiences.

For our clients, seeing designs as photorealistic renderings or interactive 3D models can really help them visualise the product in 3D space and decide on crucial modifications before any costly prototyping or manufacturing phases are undertaken. These photorealistic 3D renderings are also important in identifying whether or not the finished product matches the original design brief, whilst also enabling users to test hypothetical material combinations without having to invest in the production of multiple prototypes, cutting down a potentially costly series of design iterations and reducing the cost of the entire design process.
At Step2 Design, we’re on a mission to become the best technical design company in the UK. We’re committed to producing the highest quality animations and renderings for our clients and believe this is why our clients keep coming back. We immerse ourselves in your product vision to achieve a robust understanding of your intended brand message and end-user requirements. We enjoy thinking outside the box, and take an innovative approach to design, creating fun and engaging content that is sure to impress your target market.

Working with the highest quality content and 3D assets (either client supplied or self-generated), we use advanced animation software techniques to create vibrant, detailed 3D visualisations of your product, helping bring your designs to life. Our 50 years of industry experience allows us to streamline the design process to deliver impactful results that we’re proud of. We love using rich colours and visually striking design elements to catch the attention of your audience, and our team will work closely with you to ensure your vision is maintained throughout the entire creative process.

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