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The Brief

The essence of this project was to explain the benefits of a new PCB housing design over an existing solution and how it could be installed into a freestanding server rack.

We started by creating a storyboard, detailing each step of the assembly process and then prioritising the key features and unique selling points. We wanted the animation to be fluid and therefore opted for one continuous camera shot rather than an amalgamation of shorter scenes stitched together. We explored various camera angles and experimented with different zoom speeds and focal lengths, ensuring the main points of interest remained in focus, whilst maintaining a level of consistency with the camerawork.

Due to the complex nature of this product, a highly detailed model was required to ensure that all the nuances of the design were captured in the animation. We exported manufacturing-grade CAD data from SolidWorks to obtain accurate level of geometry detail in our base model and spent a great deal of time tweaking each material’s render properties and adjusting the dynamic lighting effects to fully showcase the chassis’ futuristic design aesthetic.

The Result

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