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Picture this, you’ve had a product, brand or idea you want to bring to market but don’t have the skills or capacity at the minute to make it happen. So you turn to the trusted internet for some design help in making this a reality, you trawl through a number of freelancers, agencies and consultancies before landing on our website at Step2 Design and at this point you might be asking yourself why should I choose these guys to help me?

Now at this point I could tell you all the experience we have in the industry and the number of projects we have completed across a wide field disciplines within the design world, but then again everyone can tell you that and frankly you can see it in everyone’s portfolios. No at the this point I want to tell you about us and why you want the people at Step2 Design to be on your next project.

It is the ethos and mindset we have at Step2 Design that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd, being so passionate about design we care more about producing a quality product than the politics behind a contract. As a dedicated team we strive to form strong working relationships with those we work with through proof in our work and attitude to how tackle every project. These working relationships mean conversations can be honest and open with each party being able to help one another to complete a quality project to brief and on time.

We offer a forward thinking and a modern approach to design, thinking about the future and how we can incorporate this into our design language. Living in a very throw away culture we aim to change this mind set looking at creating designs that consider the environment and their full life cycle. The design world needs to change and it is slowly with us at the forefront of this change, we at Step2 Design relish the challenge and excitement that comes with this and hope you as a potential client want to ride this wave with us!

So when you come to finding that design help you need yes look at some of the fantastic work we have completed but more importantly look at the people in Step2 Design and what we stand for, look at how we want to support and grow with your business and to move the design world in the right direction.      

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