Microfibre Cloth Washer

We were approached with a unique design challenge: to design a manually operated tabletop microfibre cloth washer. The issue being that microfibre cloths regularly build up dust and grime and aren’t actually supposed to be washed at high temperatures using a normal washing machine spin cycle as this damages the cloth and reduces its effectiveness. Our client had done a fair amount of research on the topic and had come upon a novel solution: a table-top cloth washer. Although the vision for the final product would be an automated version with a custom PCB board, we were tasked with designing a manually operated version to test the concept was fit for purpose.

We sketched out a concept proposal and set about generating the 3D CAD data. This was used to 3D print a fully functioning prototype that was delivered to the client in order to pitch his proposal to venture capital investment firms.


This project was crafted using the following software:

  • Solidworks
  • Solidworks Visualise

Project Info

  • Date:10.6.2022
  • Client:TCDO Limited
  • Categories:Product Design
  • Tags:Cloth, Gear, Handle, Microfibre, Tabletop, Washer