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The Brief

Taking inspiration from step-by-step architectural construction animations, the brief for this video was to create an elegant assembly montage of a modern exhibition stand. The result was a dynamic and engaging 360-degree assembly animation of a 10 x 5m exhibition stand, showing each stage of the assembly process in detail.

Wanting to expand upon our range of “how-to” animations, we created an animation that was able to effectively explain a complex construction process without the assistance of any supporting text or callouts. We took inspiration from “construction sequence” architectural animations, as they are extremely valuable at breaking down complex technical processes into what is essentially an easy-to-understand and engaging visual guide.

To do this, we developed a hypothetical exhibition booth, using standard exhibition equipment, and animated each element so that it appeared to fall from the sky into its correct place on the stand floor. The goal here wasn’t to show the stand construction as a realistic process, but rather a visually interesting piece of story-telling that could be used to explain in layman’s terms how an exhibition stand might be put together – all in under 2 minutes.

The Results

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