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The Brief

The team at Step2 Design set out to develop a unique clamping system to be used for in-home shelving as well as commercial spaces that want a stylish top down fixing solution or have limited wall space for fixings. Looking at existing fittings the aim was to develop a simple one-piece design that could clamp around a cable without the need for tools to secure it in place. The clamp needed to grip a cable while being able to support a 30kg weight.

Going through several iterations we set out to design fast and fail fast. Utilising our excellent in-house 3D printing capabilities, we tested our design for function and user interaction, refining the design through iteration until we had a system that could effectively grip a cable. Specific focus was put into the clamping section with work done to look at different patterns and forms that would provide the greatest grip strength. With a network of suppliers and manufacturers, we were able to acquire competitive quotes and prepare the design for manufacture.

The project was taken on in house as a challenge to the team to produce a Step2 Design branded product. It was a fantastic research opportunity and gave us confidence moving forward to continue the development process and look further into the commercial side of how we can take the product from a finalised design through marketing, distribution and eventually to an end user.

The Result

    Trading Address

    Step2 Design Limited HERE
    470 Bath Road
    Arnos Vale
    Bristol BS4 3AP