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The Brief

Step2 Design were tasked with providing technical and creative solutions to help bring a portable carrying case to market. The case had to adhere to Pelican’s high quality standards and brand aesthetics whilst also providing unique features, such as needing to be watertight and be constructed from a simple moulding with a few supplementary parts. Finally, the case had to be large enough to carry a phone, wallet, and a small amount of money.

All Photos © Pelican Ltd

The Process

Working in collaboration with the design team we began the project at the concept stage offering various solutions and ideas to manufacture this case as well as showcasing what could be unique about it and what its USP (unique selling point) would be. Using a variety of mediums from quick concept sketches to concept modelling and even quick renders we were able to present our ideas efficiently and comprehensively.

Settling on the unique solution of having a built-in and removable power pack we began the development of this charging pack, looking to understand the user requirements and constraints we would have. Exploring multiple options of cable management and incorporating robust features which adhered to Pelican’s expectations, we helped transform these ideas into 3D CAD models ready for prototype and manufacture. Finally, we generated technical drawings so the designs could be quickly interpreted and transformed into physical products. 

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