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The Brief

Our task was to design a promotional CTU (counter top unit) with a Ducati theme for placement in World Brands Duty Free Stores. The CTU needed to embody Ducati’s motorsport heritage while being suitable for display in retail environments. The challenge lay in creating a design that captured the essence of speed and precision associated with the brand.

The Solution

To meet the brief, Step2 Design crafted the CTU using Solidworks. The design featured complex surface modelling to replicate the tail section of the classic Ducati 996. Our material selection included a GRP fabrication for the tail section, a steel powder-coated base, with stainless-steel risers and integrated LED lighting. The unit also was clad in carbon fibre panels and vinyl grahics. The result was a unique and visually striking CTU that celebrated Ducati’s legacy. This solution showcases our technical prowess in surface modeling, material selection, and innovative design. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to ask!

Special thanks go to Amalgam Modelmaking Ltd who built the fixture for a design review prior to roll out.

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