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The Brief

The XP80 marked a pioneering collaboration between Step2 Design and Ballistic, uniting 3D design innovation with unmatched technical expertise. This partnership was founded on a shared vision to push the boundaries of adventure RIB design, leading to the creation of a vessel that epitomises innovation, performance, and style.

Photo © JBT Marine Ltd

The Concept

The groundbreaking and visionary idea of a multi-functional adventure RIB, capable of accommodating both water sports and longer trips on the water, was sparked by Ballistic back in 2020. Recognising the potential of this innovative concept, Step2 Design embarked on extensive market research and competitor analysis to further develop and refine the idea. This collaborative effort laid the foundation for a pioneering design that would set new standards in the industry.

Photo © JBT Marine Ltd

A Shared Vision

At the heart of this shared endeavour was Ballistic’s renowned 7.8m hull, celebrated in the industry for its superior performance. This key element served as the centrepiece of the new design, with Ballistic’s team guiding the enhancement process of the new and innovative elements on deck. Their insights ensured that our enhancements complemented the hull’s strengths, setting a solid foundation for the XP80’s modern and functional design.

Photo © JBT Marine Ltd

CAD Development

The CAD development stage was a testament to the synergy between Step2 Design’s creative vision and Ballistic’s technical prowess. Frequent and close collaboration allowed us to introduce groundbreaking new features such as a pop-up bed and integrated toilet. Each design decision, from material selection to feature integration, was made with meticulous care, ensuring these innovations not only set new standards in the adventure RIB category, but also adhered to the highest safety protocols.

Photo © JBT Marine Ltd

The Final Product

The culmination of months of hard work, the XP80, stands as a symbol of our successful collaboration with Ballistic. It’s a vessel that not only looks exceptional but also offers unparalleled functionality and safety, redefining the adventure RIB category. The nomination of the XP80 as a finalist in the Adventure Boats category at the 2024 Motor Boat Awards was a proud moment for both teams, and a reflection of the successful collaboration and awe-inspiring final product.

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