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The Brief

Working with Attempre Ltd we were commissioned to develop a Shop in Shop (SIS) for a mobile service retailer called Mobile Bitz for a new flagship store at Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre in London. The brief was produce a technical design submission RD2 pack for mall approval prior to going to production.

The Process

The scope of work was to fully re-engineer the Shop in Shop from their client approved concept renders and to produce a technical design submission (RD2) pack for Westfield Shopping centre. We had an initial consultation and project introduction to run through the key technical details and fixtures for the project so that we could provide technical development costs for the project. Upon receiving project approval, we had a further consultation/briefing; running through some design changes and to re-cap on project requirements, nuances, materials, lighting and also submission deliverables.

Working from 3D concept visuals and design elevations we had 2 weeks to fully develop the whole suite of fixtures and to supply a detailed technical submission pack ready for Westfield to review and provide the green light for production sign off. The project was complicated, with many of the fixtures requiring integrated discrete lighting and illuminated brand signage, which all had to comply to strict Fire regulations. With a wide choice of materials involved in each of the fixtures including a mix of powder coated + stainless steel, glass, plastics, lighting, joinery and sold surface elements. The customer was also keen to keep the fixtures as cheap to produce and as easy to install as possible. 

Gondola Unit

Using Solidworks to develop the 3D model the cabinet was designed around a central leg / post system, from which panels and smaller cabinets were hung off into a slot system on the legs. This would enable all the cabling to be able to be connected to the electrical supply when the frame is first installed and all the cabling to be routed discretely through the legs to connect using DC jacks. The unit was broken down into a series of smaller modules and folded panels to hang onto the frame system. The unit comprised lockable drawer storage at the base, perforated stainless steel panels which hid fluorescent LED tube lighting to provide an industrial aesthetic. There is a mix of shelving and RSB’s which would hold either graphics or Eurohooks and all be underlit with LED lighting. At the top of the unit there is a lockable showcase cabinet which was also illuminated internally – constructed as a steel assembly also with toughened glass viewing window.

Island Unit

The central Island Display unit is constructed as a Euro Class A1 joinery cabinet which has a Branded totem to one end and a service area to the other end. The service cabinet comprised lockable drawer storage, with an open service area which would be used for in store minor repairs and included integrated overhead lighting. The main cabinet would include a steel post to mount the RSB’s to, so that the unit could then be stocked with Euro hooks for the products. Integral to the unit was perforated steel panels and more tube LED lighting to echo the industrial look across the furniture and in all cabinet recesses were satin stainless panels and under cabinet lighting. The Totem cabinet would include a 3D |Logo made from recycled PCB boards mounted over a light sheet and to the reverse side a forward mounted trim frame to cast a red flood of light back onto the cabinet.

Till Unit

Constructed as a Euro Class A1 joinery cabinet – this would include lockable cupboard storage and house the till / keyboard a unit. Mounted to a recess in the front of the unit is a perforated folded stainless-steel panel and a forward framework/ferrule system to fix the graphic branded graphic panel to.

Display Cabinet

Constructed as a joinery fabrication in Euro Class A1 materials; the cabinet has a toughened glass display showcase to one end which is fully face internally with stainless steel sheeting and internally lit from discrete cabinet lighting, mounted to the side faces is a series of stand offs and graphic branded panels.

Project Challenges

The project had a particularly short deadline to complete all the 3D Modelling and drawings in & many challenges were borne from the complexity and the multitude of materials. Ranging from Hi-Macs, faceted perforated stainless panels, integrated lighting, recessed LED lighting, LED panels, tube lighting, an integrated camera, glass showcases, plastic components and hinged lockable display cabinets.

The fixtures were all designed with serviceability in mind and ease of construction; whilst adhering to the mall’s strict policy on fire retardant compliance.

 The project was fast paced and required close collaboration with our client to ensure we had captured the nuances whilst keeping to the strict and tight deadline. Thanks to our many years of experience servicing the travel retail industry Westfield Stratford approved the technical submission without any design amendments; commenting that this was a perfect submission capturing all their rigorous requirements. 

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