Shapeshifter House

Nestled in the hills of Reno, Nevada, the Shapeshifter house stands out as an architecturally iconic 3-story family home. It served as the perfect inspiration for an internal project to test out our new rendering software package: Twinmotion. Although the basic geometry was modelled in Sketchup, Twinmotion allowed us to quickly and easily add photorealistic objects and textures to the scene. Other powerful features such as dynamic weather and a full day-night cycle system means that rendering a complex CGI scene has never been easier!

Note: this project is a work in progress. Additional rendered perspectives will be added in periodically.


This project was crafted using the following software:

  • Sketchup
  • Twinmotion

Project Info

  • Date:10.7.2021
  • Client:Internal
  • Categories:CGI
  • Tags:Architectural, CGI, House, Nevada, Render, Reno, Shapeshifter, Sketchup, Twinmotion